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Taiwan Jin Xuan Milk Oolong Tea

Taiwan Jin Xuan Milk Oolong Tea

Taiwan Jin Xuan Milk Oolong Tea

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    Milk Oolong Tea produced a light yellowish liquid with milky sweet aroma and smooth and sweet lingering taste.  It  is a very special hand processed tea from Taiwan. Milk Oolong Tea is produced from tea leaves at certain time, temperature, altitude, soil conditions to get the milky silky texture. Our Tea is naturally processed and not scented. This delightful, hand-processed green oolong is grown high in the Fujian mountains in China. 
    Famous for its “milky” taste and silky texture, the large, tightly-rolled leaves have the alluring fragrance of sweet cream and pineapple. The flavor is smooth with light, orchid notes. Great for multiple infusions.Later infusions are greener, more floral and equally complex. It is delicious on its own, or with fresh fruit salad or coconut cream pie and sliced peaches.
    Some people may be surprised about making tea with milk using green tea or oolong tea. But in fact, many kinds of tea with milk are commonly enjoyed drinks in various parts of the world, such as butter tea in Tibet and Mongolia, tapioca milk tea in the Taiwanese style and matcha latte in Japan.Its scents of creamy caramel, flavors of cream, milk, coconut milk and tangerine-infused crème fraiche, and finish of gardenias, ripe fruits and warm cream are remarkably indulgent. 

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              500g=17.64oz=1.10 lb
    1kg=1000g=1000g=2.20 lb
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    °F = °C x 9/5 + 32
    °C = (°F - 32)  x  5/9
    100°C = 212°F

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