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Top 10 Chinese Tea Ranking (latest revised edition)

by Tracy

Top 10 Chinese Tea Ranking (latest revised edition)
The top 10 is according to the results of "Panama Pacific International Exposition" Chinese tea competitions in 1915, and the announcement of The Associated Press and the "New York Times"  in March 26, 2001, Hong Kong's Wen Wei Po in January 18, 2002. 
Top1: Lung Ching (Dragon well tea)
Produced in the Hangzhou West Lake District
Reputation: "Queen of the green tea"
In local parlance, it is praised for its "four characters": jade color, vegetative aroma, mellow chestnut flavor and singular shape.
Produced in Dongting Mountain of Taihu Lake in Jiangsu Wuxian Bi Luo mountain peaks
Emperor Kangxi (Qianlong’s grandfather) tried the tea, loved it but felt the name was macabre. Hence he gave it the more refined name of Biluochun or green spires spring after the color, shape and season of the tea.
Top3: Xin yang mao jian
Producted in Xin Yang, Henan province
Xinyang Maojian has a relatively shorter harvest due to the cooler climate in Henan and is best picked in the early spring. 
Top4: Junshan Silver Needle Tea
Yueyang, Hunan province
The other names of Junshan Yinzhen Tea are “Mount Jun Silver Needle”, “Superfine White Tea”, “Yin Zhen”, and “Superfine Silver Needle”
Top5: Liu An Guapian tea
Liu an,Anhui province
The shapes of the tea’s leaves are flat and oval which looks like a melon seed, hence the name. The first documentary evidence of Lu'an Guapian dates back to Tang Dynasty (618-907) and it was designated as the tribute in Qing Dynasty (1636-1911). 
Top6: Huang Shan Mao Feng tea
Mount Huang in Anhui Province
It's best harvested in the early spring. Through special processing technique, the tea is jade-green in color and has complex and refreshing aroma with a lingering aftertaste of floral sweetness.
Top7: Keemun tea
Qimen country (transliteration: keemun), Anhui province
With a relatively short history, it was initially produced in 1875 and quickly gained popularity worldwide, especially in England.
Top8: Ti kuan yin (Iron Goddess)
It stands head and shoulder above the rest of hundreds of different types of oolong tea. Made in the Anxi County. There are 8 main processes: 1. plucking tea; 2. sun withering; 3. cooling; 4. tossing; 5. withering, this includes some oxidation; 6. fixation; 7. rolling; 8. drying.
Top9: Wuyi Rock Tea
Da Hong Pao is one of the Wuyi rock tea which is made in Fujian province. With its lovely flowery aromas and health benefits, it was offered to emperors as a gift more than 1,000 years ago. It is a type of Oolong Tea and it is believed to be the original form of Oolong Tea.
Top10: lapsang souchong tea
The world's first black tea. Its position in the tea industry is self-evident!

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