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Four Chinese herbal tea especially for women to drink

by Tracy

Four excellent Chinese herbal tea especially suitable for women to drink
It has the fuction of detoxification and improving eyesight. Women sometimes have some skin problems which are caused by toxins in our bodies. So many female friends drinking chrysanthemum can help detoxify the liver, removes toxins from the body.
Rose tea has excellent adjust menstruation role, and its sweet smell, good taste, not only has a good effect on menstruation, but also makes you beauty!
Charming aroma of jasmine tea, the fresh taste, what will make you invigorating, refreshing. This tea is most suitable for white-collar office drinking.
4. Lavender tea
Lavender tea with acne treatment, calm the nerves, whitening, firming, repair scars and other cosmetic effects, especially for women to drink. Notice: pregnant women do not drinking too much.

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