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Thursday 26 September, 2013 | RSS Feed

The difference between black tea and red tea

by Tracy

What's the difference between black tea and red tea?


In China, the black tea is called "Hong cha" whose literal meaning "red tea", but it means "black tea" in paraphrase. In fact, this two words means same tea, and the only difference is in terminology. It is called red tea in Chinese, called black tea in English.

By the way, for most Chinese people, it's not a difficult question. Because in the English class, the red tea (Hong cha) in Chinese has been translated into black tea in English.

Western term call it black tea because of the the oxidized tea leaves color is black, whereas Chinese people call it red tea is refer to the colour of the tea liquid, which is a deep rusty red.

Black tea sample: Keemun Tea, Lapsang souchong tea

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