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Chinese Sandalwood Fan

Chinese Sandalwood Fan

Chinese Sandalwood Fan

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    It's not only the fan, but also a work of sculpture art. Good gift for wedding, festival, decoration.
    Other name:Sandalwood scented Wooden Fan, Chinese Hand Fans
    Handle length: 21cm
    Material: bamboo
    Styles:1.Great wall 2.orchid crane 4.landscape 5.Dream of Red Mansions(gold hatrpin girls) 6.double dragon 7.dragon and phoenix 8.plum blossom 9.ladies 10.panda

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    Weight Conversion:
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              500g=17.64oz=1.10 lb
    1kg=1000g=1000g=2.20 lb
    Fahrenheit and Celsius Conversion Formulas:
    °F = °C x 9/5 + 32
    °C = (°F - 32)  x  5/9
    100°C = 212°F

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